2. Viewing Jobs

With Jobs enabling all schema builds and benchmark runs will be registered and recorded with a Jobid.

Figure 10.4. Running Jobs

Running Jobs

When running the Web Service directing a browser to the configured port will return a list of Jobs and their status of either successfully completed, failed or unknown. The browse option under Jobs in the menu will start the system default browser and direct it automatically to the correct port. The top job result for both TPROC-C and TPROC-H will be starred for quick identification. Note that if for example running jobs through the CLI the web service can be used to query from the same or separate system the status of currently running jobs. This means for example an automated scripted CLI workload can be monitored from a remote location and higher performance workloads identified.

Figure 10.5. Browse Results

Browse Results

Clicking on a particular job will return the job index. The entries for a job will depend on the data gathered for that job. For example if the transaction counter is not running then transaction count data will not be gathered. Similarly for response time data.

Figure 10.6. Job Index

Job Index

Text based data will be reported in JSON format.

Figure 10.7. JSON data

JSON data

For both TPROC-C and TPROC-H result, transaction/query count and timing data will be reported in Chart form. The Charts use Apache e-charts and therefore access to the URL https://cdn.jsdelivr.net/npm/echarts@5.4.1/dist/echarts.min.js is required to access this functionality. The following example shows a TPROC-C result.

Figure 10.8. Result Chart

Result Chart

A transaction count.

Figure 10.9. Transaction Count

Transaction Count

and response time measurements.

Figure 10.10. Response Times

Response Times

TPROC-H data will also be reported with Timing data for the first Virtual User.

Figure 10.11. TPROC-H Timing

TPROC-H Timing

All charts are interactive and underlying data accessed through a link below the chart. Additional data for a job is also available through querying the job with the CLI interface.