3. Master Distribution

The Master Distribution button in the edit menu now becomes active to distribute scripts across instances.

Figure 11.8. Master Distribution

Master Distribution

Pressing this button enables the distribution of the contents of the Script Editor to all connected instances.

Distributing to 11264 osprey ...Succeeded

The contents however may remain to be individually edited on remote instances. Note that in particular the OLTP timed tests account for the particular mode that an instance is running.

If loaded locally a script will show the Mode that the instance of HammerDB is running in.

set mode "Slave" ;# HammerDB operational mode

If distributed it will inherit the mode and will need to be changed manually.

set mode "Master" ;# HammerDB operational mode

When running in slave Mode the Monitor Virtual User is created but idle and does not monitor the workload.

Now run your workload as normal on the Master, all of your workload choices of creating and running and closing down virtual users will be replicated automatically on the connected Slaves enabling control and simultaneous timing from a central point. However, note that running a schema creation with multiple connected instances is not supported.

To disable Remote Modes select Local Mode on the Master on confirmation all connected instances will return to Local Mode.