4. Installing and Starting HammerDB on Windows

To install HammerDB on Windows you have the option of using the self-extracting installer or zipfile. The self-extracting installer will create an uninstall executable for you. A zipfile installation can be deleted manually. In both cases the install is entirely self-contained within the installation directory.

4.1. Self Extracting Installer

Double click on the Setup file and the language choice is shown.

Figure 1.1. Language Choice

Language Choice

Click continue to begin the installation.

Figure 1.2. Install Continue

Install Continue

Click next to acknowledge the version

Figure 1.3. HammerDB Version

HammerDB Version

Accept or modify the destination location.

Figure 1.4. Destination


Review the settings before starting copying files.

Figure 1.5. Review


The files will be copied and the uninstall built

Figure 1.6. Files copying

Files copying

Click Finish and launch HammerDB

Figure 1.7. Complete


HammerDB will start ready for you to use

Figure 1.8. HammerDB Started

HammerDB Started

4.2. Zip File

As an alternative to the self-extracting installer you can download and extract the zipfile into a directory of your choice.

Figure 1.9. Zip File

Zip File

4.3. Starting HammerDB

After installation double-click on the "Windows Batch File" hammerdb to start hammerdb.

Figure 1.10. hammerdb batch file

hammerdb batch file

4.4. Uninstalling HammerDB

For a zipfile installation, delete the hammerDB directory. For an installer based installation double-click on uninstall and follow the on-screen prompts.

Figure 1.11. Uninstall