5. Installing and Starting HammerDB on Linux

To install HammerDB on Linux you have the option of using the self-extracting installer or a tar.gz file. The self-extracting installer will create an uninstall executable for you. A tar.gz installation can be deleted manually. In both cases the install is entirely self-contained within the installation directory.

5.1. Self Extracting Installer

To install from the self-extracting installer using a graphical environment refer to the previous section on the self-extracting installer for Windows, the installation method is the same. Alternatively the installer can also be run at the command line as follows specifying the installation directory when prompted.

This will install HammerDB on your computer. Continue? [n/Y] Y

Where do you want to install HammerDB? [/usr/local/HammerDB-3.3] 

Installing HammerDB...
Installing Program Files...                                                   
Installation complete.

5.2. Tar.gz File

To install from the tar.gz run the command

tar -zxvf HammerDB-3.0.tar.gz 

This will extract HammerDB into a directory named HammerDB-3.0.

5.3. Starting HammerDB

To start HammerDB change to the HammerDB directory and run locally as follows.


5.4. Uninstalling HammerDB

To uninstall HammerDB on Linux run the uninstall executable for the self-extracting installer or remove the directory for the tar.gz install.