Chapter 7. CPU and Database Metrics

Table of Contents

1. Start the Agent
2. Configure Metrics
3. Monitor Metrics
4. Oracle Database Metrics
5. PostgreSQL Database Metrics

By default HammerDB metrics displays the CPU utilisation per core across the target system. HammerDB has also introduced a database metrics display initially for the Oracle Database. HammerDB Metrics uses an agent and display configuration meaning that the agent must be installed on the SUT. This can be accomplished by installing HammerDB on the SUT as well as the server. On Linux the sysstat package must be pre-installed where the agent is running. An agent on Linux can can communicate with the HammerDB display running on Windows and vice versa.

$ mpstat -V
sysstat version 11.5.7
(C) Sebastien Godard (sysstat <at>

On Windows a version of mpstat is included with HammerDB.