First level support is available through the HammerDB Documentation.

Performance updates and guides are posted to the HammerDB Blog.

HammerDB Code, Help, Discussion, Feature Requests and Bugs are available through the HammerDB Sourceforge project site. Note that code is developed on a private repository and only pushed to the public repository to coincide with binary releases

For updates on HammerDB development

HammerDB is licensed software released under the GNU General Public License .

HammerDB is distributed with both a License and Copyright notice that must be included with all distributions.

The HammerDB Logo and HammerDB 'H' Logo are protected under copyright law with all rights reserved. The HammerDB logo's may be reproduced in their original color form only. The logo may be reproduced without links however where the logo has  a "clickable" link it must lead directly to

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