HammerDB v4.7 New Features Pt1: Transaction Counter and CPU Metrics

In HammerDB v4.7 the Transaction Counter and CPU Metrics have been updated on both Windows and Linux to use a package called tkpath enabling more advanced graphic features using the GPU where available.  This gives the transaction counter,

and CPU metrics,

a more updated look and feel, whilst maintaining the previous lightweight impact of the graphical code.

On Linux HammerDB GUI requires Cairo Graphics installed to support this functionality. On all Linux systems tested Cairo Graphics was already installed, however if not it can be installed as follows:


sudo apt-get install libcairo2-dev

Red Hat:

The transaction counter can be dragged out from the tab in the notebook as shown previously to display in a separate window, or left in the main window as shown below:

The embedded counter will now also resize when the main window is resized, so when doing demos and filling the screen with HammerDB, the transaction counter will now fill the available space.

The previous ribbon type effect has been deprecated for a more updated look. However, if there is a desire to maintain the previous graph, it can be enabled in the XML configuration file before HammerDB is started by setting the value tc_graph_ribbon to true from the default of false.


Note that the XML must be set before the first start, as after this point the parameters are stored in the SQLite files and therefore it will be necessary to remove/refresh the SQLite parameter files to pick up any subsequent changes. When this is done, the previous ribbon effect is shown, although updated to use tkpath features such as antialiasing.