Automating CLI Tests on Windows

The information in this post is a duplicate of this GitHub Issue The issue regards running build and driver scripts automatically in Windows.  As both build and driver examples are not given together in previous posts, the examples are copied here. This is intended as a template that you can take and modify for your own needs.

A few things to note. Firstly these scripts are multithreaded so once you do build schema and vurun it is running multiple threads. We need a different approach for both because in the schema build we are waiting for all of the virtual users to finish (vwait forever), however for the driver we are waiting for a set period of time before terminating them. For the build I have created more warehouses but with 5 virtual users to show the multithreaded nature of the build. For the driver we have set a rampup and duration of 3 minutes in total (180 secs) – this runs in the virtual users, then in the main monitor virtual user it runs a timer – this is set to 200 seconds more than the rampup and driver combined (if it is less it will terminate the test before ending).

With both I copied the scripts to C:\Program Files\HammerDB-3.3. I then did:

hammerdbcli.bat auto autorunbuild.tcl


hammerdbcli.bat auto autorundrive.tcl

When both are complete the shell will exit as intended therefore it is a good idea to set logtotemp to ensure that you receive both the output and errors (for example if the build script exits because the database already exists).

Build Script – autorunbuild.tcl

global complete
proc wait_to_complete {} {
global complete
set complete [vucomplete]
if {!$complete} { after 5000 wait_to_complete } else { exit }
dbset db mssqls
diset connection mssqls_server {(local)\SQLDEVELOP}
diset tpcc mssqls_count_ware 10
diset tpcc mssqls_num_vu 5
vuset logtotemp 1
vwait forever

Driver Script – autorundrive.tcl

proc runtimer { seconds } {
set x 0
set timerstop 0
while {!$timerstop} {
incr x
after 1000
  if { ![ expr {$x % 60} ] } {
          set y [ expr $x / 60 ]
          puts "Timer: $y minutes elapsed"
if {  [ vucomplete ] || $x eq $seconds } { set timerstop 1 }
dbset db mssqls
diset connection mssqls_server {(local)\SQLDEVELOP}
diset tpcc mssqls_driver timed
diset tpcc mssqls_rampup 1
diset tpcc mssqls_duration 2
vuset logtotemp 1
foreach z { 1 2 4 } {
puts "$z VU TEST"
vuset vu $z
#Runtimer in seconds must exceed rampup + duration
runtimer 200
after 5000

A recommended editor that recognises TCL syntax for editing HammerDB script is Vim.