HammerDB Source Code moved to the TPC Council

The TPC Council recently announced that the TPC is now hosting the HammerDB open source projects GitHub repository.

HammerDB has increased dramatically in popularity and use and has been identified as  the industry default for database benchmarking illustrating both the popularity of open source  and TPC based benchmarks.  Consequently with the wish to engage with the open source database benchmarking community the TPC approached HammerDB to collaborate on development and bring together both the communities around the TPC benchmarks and HammerDB.  The first step towards this goal is the recently announced move of the HammerDB source code to the TPC-Council GitHub repository.  The previous developer owned GitHub repository sm-shaw github repository has been deleted and the TPC-Council repository will be the source code repository for ongoing and future HammerDB development.  Anyone wishing to contribute to the development of HammerDB should do so from the HammerDB TPC-Council GitHub repository. From the first release up to version 3.1 HammerDB has been released on the HammerDB sourceforge site and currently hosts the runnable binary downloads and support site. Over time downloads and support will also transition to the TPC-Council GitHub site.  The HammerDB website hosts the latest documentation in docbook format and links to published benchmarks and will be maintained as the primary website.  Downloads from the download page on this site will show the current release.  To understand the difference between the downloadable binaries and the source code view the post on HammerDB Concepts and Architecture.

The license of HammerDB remains as GPLv3 and copyright to Steve Shaw the developer of HammerDB. For additional clarity Steve Shaw is an employee of Intel however HammerDB is not Intel software and was developed as an approved personal open source project where a stipulation of this approval was that there would be no association of the software with Intel or the developers status as an employee of the company.